Sunday, March 29, 2015

Taking Action: Eco Bags

This week we are finishing up our current unit with the central idea, 

"People's choices affect the earth's resources and people". 

For one week, we all used our research skills to collect data on the number of bags we received at stores. 

We were surprised that there were so many!

The bags could be sorted into two categories. Plastic bags and...

...paper bags. 

We discussed as a class what actions we can take to help keep our planet healthy. 

We decided to design our own eco bags!

Thinking about the design...

So many creative ideas...!

Here are some finished bags!

We were so proud!

The eco bags are on display on the bulletin board on the first floor. 

If you haven't seen them yet, come on by and take a look!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What are the chances?

This week we started exploring about chances and probability. We started by working with partners to sort scenarios into five categories: certain, very likely, might happen, unlikely, and impossible. 

During this task, we used are social skills to cooperate and make decisions together. 

The next day, we came up with our own scenarios to write on sticky-notes.

We then posted the notes into categories showing the chances of the event happening. 

Look at all of our creative ideas!

We will continue our exploration of chances next week!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Project Week Presentation

On the last day before spring break, we had our final presentation for project week. 

This year, our focus was on the transdisciplinary skills. 

In grade 2, we focused on social skills, communication skills, and research skills. 

Here, Noah is explaining how he used his research skills to conduct a class survey to graph the results. 

Hariki is explaining how he used his communication skills (writing and presenting) while going through the steps in the writing process to create his own book. 

We were very proud to show the various stages of writing...

...and read our final published books!

We not only shared with our families, but also with other students from different classes!

The preschool students were especially interested in our stories!

Listening closely...

Here is a shot from our recent field trip to the Maeshima Garbage Centre. 

Enjoy the rest of your spring break, and see you next week!