Friday, May 15, 2015

Cubism Self Portraits

Our unit with the central idea "our uniqueness is expressed in creative and artistic ways" is nearly coming to an end. 

We looked at some artwork by Pablo Picasso and realized that he created art using a style called cubism

In cubism, objects and people are looked at from different perspectives. 

One side of the face is viewed from the side, and the other side is viewed from the front. 

We decided to express our emotions using this technique. 

During this project, we had two questions is mind:

- How can we express our uniqueness?

- How can we express our emotions?

Some of us showed more than one emotion on the different sides of our faces!

 Can you tell how we were feeling when we created these portraits? 

Go ask the grade 2 students!

We are so proud of our work. 

Come take a look at our bulletin board downstairs for a closer look!


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