Friday, December 4, 2015

Sharing our Personal Learning Projects

As our unit with the central idea, 
"Understanding our place in the world develops our understanding of our personal journeys" 
is coming to a close, we have been working on our personal learning projects. 

We all chose a skill or knowledge which we wanted to learn. 

We each thought about the following questions:
-What will I learn?
-How will I learn?
-What will I use?
-How can I show my learning?

Gabriel chose to learn how to sew an owl. 

Akiho learned to use stencils to draw a Christmas tree. 

Kate learned how to make chocolate brownies. 

Skye learned how to draw SpongeBob.  

He said he "kept trying and trying and got better and better!" 


Tallis learned some soccer tricks. 


Urara learned how to make a snow globe. 


Riana learned how to make a Christmas panda. 


Daichi learned how to sew Jibanyan mascots.


Ibrahim learned how to make a Lego car. 


Rina learned how to oil paint. 


Alice learned how to make mini Christmas trees. 


Minori learned to make necklaces and bracelets using stones, shells, and beads. 

While we were presenting, our classmates gave us feedback!

Feedback helps us understand what we are doing well, and what we can work on. 

When we give feedback, we help each other grow!

After the presentations, we used the feedback we received to teach our classmates our new skills or knowledge. 

We recorded our learning using cameras and tablets. 

This will help us reflect on our learning later on. 

Phew! It was a lot of work with lots of learning!

See you next time!


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