There will be links added onto this page throughout the year as we explore new concepts and gain new skills.

Youtube Channel: Crash Course Kids (Added April 30th)

A collection of videos related to SCIENCE!

Unit 6 (Extinction)

Unit 5 (Solar System)

Planet Research


Poetry 4 Kids
A fantastic collection of poems for children. They can be categorised by reading level and topic.

Storyline Online
A great website for listening to reading.

Tumble Book Library
Another website with a variety of story books and nonfiction books to choose from.

Listen and Read
A collection of nonfiction books!

Has many activities to strengthen phonics skills.

EBook Read To Me
16 stories read to children.

National Geographic Kids
37 nonfiction magazines of various topics.

B & N Online Storytime
16 classic books read by the authors.

EBooks Set 1
23 books read by actors.

EBooks Set 2
35 online books.


Hooda Math
A Variety of Math Games
Math Playground
ABC Ya! Numbers Grade 2

Matching Game
Fraction Splat
Fractions as Parts of a Set
Activity after Explanation

Certain, likely, equally likely, unlikely or impossible?

Fuzz Bugs

Telling Time
On Time! (Choose levels 1 and 2; level 3 and 4 would be a challenge)
On Time! Digital

Skip Counting
Fruit Shoot
Balloon Pop
Skip Counting Squares

Place Value
Math Man
Fruit Shoot
Expanded Form (choose level 1 or 2)

Shape and Space
Symmetry Shape Game
Symmetry Artist
Kangaroo Hop (Challenge)

Alien Addition (Set "Content Range" to "1 to 20")
The Edgemoor Tournament  (Choose Level "2-9" at the beginning)
Addition Sharks (Choose "Practice double digit + one digit numbers" or for a challenge, choose "Practice double digit + double digit numbers")

Pearl Search (Choose levels 3 to 5)
Fruit Splat (Levels 2 to 5 are recommended)

Addition and Subtraction
Dinosaurs (Set "numbers" to "0-20" at the beginning)
Monkey Drive

Ordering Numbers
Balloon Pop
Chinese Dragon

Comparing Numbers
Fruit Shoot Game

Free Training Tutorial
A website with a variety of math games organized into topics.

Language & Math:

Has various grade specific interactive activities.

Just for Fun:

Make some rockin' tunes!


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