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News Reporter Assignment

Reading level: Easier
Time for Kids (choose "2" for reading level)
Kids News (On this website, you can scroll down and click on the orange arrow to listen to the article. Try this option before printing it out; it will help you with your comprehension. Remember that the words with a "*" are explained in the glossary.)

Reading level: Harder
Time for Kids (choose "3-4" for reading level)
Teaching Kids News
Tween Tribune Junior (choose "K-4" at the top of the website)
Kids News
Scholastic News


Hit the Button

Rounding to the Nearest 100 (Easier)
Rounding to the Nearest 1,000 (Medium)
Rounding to the Nearest Million (1,000,000) (Hard)

Place Value
Expanded Form
Order Numbers up to a Million

Language Arts

Unit 1

The Story of Christianity
The Story of Islam
The Story of Hinduism
The Story of Buddhism


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