Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What is "learning"?

Howdy everyone!

Recently, we started off our second unit of inquiry with the central idea, 
"Understanding our place in the world develops our understanding of our personal journeys."

We started off the unit with a challenge to build the tallest standing structure! 

We only had 20 straws, one sheet of paper, and some tape. 

We worked together in small groups to come up with our best ideas!

Afterwards, we reflected on the process of how we worked to acheive our goals. 

On Tuesday, we brainstormed what we think it means to learn something. 

Here are the ideas we came up with.  

We then became detectives and explored our school to take pictures of things that help us learn! 

Here, Gabriel is taking pictures of things that helps children learn in early years!

After our exploration in our school, we transferred what we found out onto these yellow cards. 

We used our social skills to make sure we didn't write down the same ideas many times. 

We cooperated in our groups and made decisions together. 

In the next few lessons, we will be looking closely into what we have found out. 

We will be working together to see if the information on the cards can be sorted into different categories. 

If you see a second grader, ask us, "What are some things that help you learn?"

Till next time!


akirin1128 said...

Way to go!
And good process to learn !!

Satya d'Amours said...

Thanks! They seemed excited to explore the school with the tablets!

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