Monday, September 8, 2014

First Week of School

During our first week of school, we talked about how we would like our class to be like. 

We discussed how it should look like, feel like, and sound like, and came up with a class agreement. 

Everyone signed their names at the bottom of the paper to make this important promise. 

In art, we made identity grids. 

We folded a square piece of paper so that it would have 16 squares, and put the letters in our names in some of the squares. 

Then, we filled the other squares with things that are important to us and special memories we have!

Wow! Look at all the beautiful colours!

In math, we learned a new activity called "power towers" to work on our addition and subtraction skills. 

Each cup has a math question on the top, that we try to solve. 

The answer is written on the inside of the cup. 

If we get it right, we get to add it on to build a tower! 

If we make a mistake, we need to start over again. 

We used our social skills to cooperate together to create some cool designs.

We had an exciting first week of school!


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