Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sports Day

Yesterday was Sports Day! 

We started off with our Wake up Shake up to the One Direction song: Best Song Ever! 

Look at our awesome dance moves!

One of the activities was "skipping". Here, were are getting ready to start...

...and here we go! Skipping across the field!

Afterwards, we lined up for the big marathon. 

Ready, set...


We ran 3 whole laps around the big green field!

It was a challenging task, but we were so proud when we made it to the finish line!

One of the final activities was the three legged race. 

We had to really focus on cooperating with our partners to keep our balance. 

We went across the field...

...and then back!

We were exhausted after all the activities. 

Some of us decided to go for a nap in the sun. 

Congratulations to Tatjana, Eason, and Hariki for being awarded with medals, 

and everyone else who worked so hard and tried their best!

The day was filled with some big smiles!

Way to go grade twos!


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