Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Homes and Change

In our last unit, we explored the different meanings of the word "home". 

Throughout our inquiry, we created "mobiles" to show our new learning. 

Each part of the mobile represents the many things that we feel is our home. 

For example, a house, city, country, the earth, or even the solar system are all things that we could call our home. 

As we kept learning, our mobiles kept getting longer and longer!

Since one of our key concepts was "change", at the end of our unit we showed what we would like our home to be like when we are all grown up!

People used their talents to show their learning in different ways!

Some of us made models...

Some of us made posters... 

or drawings...

...or computer programs like Minecraft!

Some of us showed in more than two ways, like making a model and...

...singing a lovely song!

We all used both our speaking and presenting skills to share our creations!

On the last day before winter break, we had to say good bye to our friend who moved back to Germany. 

We will miss you lots! Good luck at your new school Tatjana!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Timelines, Fall Trees, and Learner Profile Awards

In our unit of inquiry, we have been exploring the concept of change. 

We all created timelines of our lives to think about how we have changed as we got older. 

Here, we are using our presenting skills to share what we have created. 

We also made some connections to how leaves change colour in the fall. 

Look at all the beautiful colours!

We even put some animals that might be seen in trees, like owls, squirrels, and bats. 

Last week, some of us started giving out learner profile awards to each other!

Some of the awards given out were for being "caring", "principled", "open-minded", and "balanced". 

It was so great that we started noticing the positive things that different people were doing at school!

...and here are the people who received learner profile awards in our school assembly!

We are so proud!