Friday, January 25, 2019

Grade 3/4 Drama Assembly

On Wednesday, we collaborated with the Grade 3 class to lead a whole school assembly. 

This assembly was linked to our year-long unit on How we Express Ourselves with the central idea: Drama is a universal art form that allows us to express ideas and feelings. 

In order to create the scripts for our three plays, we worked together in groups to 'twist' fairy tales, changing the plot such as the settings and characters from the original story. 

In our performances, we focused on considering the space, our facial expressions, and body movements to effectively communicate on stage. 

Below are videos of the three plays, just in case you missed the live show! 

Goldifox and the Three Bunnies


Dog in Roller Skates Part 1

Dog in Roller Skates Part 2

Friday, January 18, 2019

Pattern Carnival

In Grade 4, we have been exploring growing patterns.

Once we came up with several examples, we designed posters representing the patterns we created.

Can you figure out the rule (how the numbers are increasing)?

We also applied our communication skills to make sure our posters are well organised and easy to be understood by the viewers. 

Below is the success criteria we developed as a class. 
  • Use colours
  • Be precise
  • Use clear and big writing/drawings
  • Include a chart with terms and numbers
  • Think about the space we use (composition)
  • Start from the left and move to the right

During our Pattern Carnival, we tried to get other learners to figure out the rules. 

Can you figure them out too?

Friday, January 11, 2019

First Week Back

This week, we started our third unit of inquiry. 

This unit has the following transdisciplinary theme: Where we are in place and time. 

As we tuned into the unit, we began exploring books, videos and other resources related to ancient civilisations. 

Below, Gabriel is using a headset which allows him to experience ancient cities through virtual reality!

The central idea will be revealed soon.

Right now, were are trying to figure out what it is as we make connections between ideas and concepts we notice through the learning engagements. 

Stay tuned to find out more about this exciting unit!