Sunday, October 26, 2014

Independent Projects

Last week, we wrapped up our unit of inquiry about the five senses. 

In order to show our learning, some of us chose to work on independent projects using our own ideas!

 Leon decided to create a Five Senses Monster! 

The different body parts allow him to use all of the senses.

You can meet the monster at the school library!

 Sena wrote an adventure book about a girl who uses her five senses in different places. 

Jules created a story book with different activities that connect to the five senses! 

He even included comprehension questions to help the readers "check for understanding" at the back of the book!

Hope you all have a great fall break!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Five Senses: End of Unit Celebration

In our Unit of Inquiry, we have been exploring our five senses. 

On Wednesday, we had our parents come in so that we could trick them at different stations!

 They had to use their senses to solve mysteries!

This booth was all about "taste"! 

We had the parents taste different food with their eyes closed, so that they could guess what they were eating. 

Some food was salty like popcorn, others were sweet like marshmallows, or sour like lemon water. 

At this station, our parents tried to figure out what they were smelling.

"Hmmm...what might that be?"

We also had a booth about "touch"!

 Parents put their hands inside mystery boxes. 

They used their hands to feel and figure out what they were touching!

Can you guess what this station was?

...It was the hearing booth! 

We made different sounds using our bodies and instruments, and our parents guessed what sounds they were hearing!

The last booth was about sight. 

Parents had to use their eyes to find different objects that were mixed in with shredded paper. 

You can also see a video of the event, including us singing songs about the five senses!

Just follow the link below!

Monday, October 13, 2014

School Trip to Suma Rikyu Park

On Friday, we went on a school trip to Suma Rikyu Park!

We took the train and walked up the hill to arrive at our destination. 

We first started with a quick snack break. 

Once our stomachs were filled, we were ready to play!

Here, Jules found a flag of a pirate ship!

We did a lot of climbing...

and balancing...

Coming down a long steep slide was many of our favourite activities at the park!


Look where we found an abandoned plane!

We played and played...

There were so many fun things to do!

Some of us even found a motor bike!

Hold on tight!


It was a day filled with so much fun!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Math: Counting and Place Value

In math, we are learning about counting and place value. 

Last week, we used our understanding of the order of numbers to create 100 chart puzzles. 

First, we filled in a 100 chart. 

Then, we designed the shapes of our pieces and cut them out. 

Once the pieces were cut out, we traded with our friends to solve the puzzles. 

Some puzzles were really tricky! 

We had to know what numbers were 1 less or 1 more, and even 10 less or 10 more to find the right spots for our pieces!

We are also learning about skip counting. 

Skip counting is counting by numbers other than one. 

In grade two, many of us are learning to skip count by 3s, 4s, and 6s!

Last week, we created skip counting chains. 

First, we cut strips of paper in different colours and then practiced our skip counting by writing numbers in order. 

Some of us even counted to numbers over 100! 

We just couldn't stop!

Once the strips were ready, we connected them to create chains. 

Look how cool they look on this guy!

We even put them up in different places to decorate our classroom. 

This way, we can practice our skip counting whenever we want to!

We also started exploring how to show the same number in different ways. 

Some people chose to show the number using numbers. 

In grade two, we call this "standard form". 

Some people showed it using words. 

This is called "word form", or "written form". 

Other people chose some different ways, like using blocks!

We could connect all the blocks in one line, or...

...make groups of ten! 

We realized that this made it easier for us to count!

Some of use used cups to show our groups...

...and others even used straws to make groups of ten. 

We used our social skills to work together to make this task easier and faster for everyone. 

We then used our new understanding of different ways to represent numbers to create expanding monsters!

The numbers are expanding because they change from standard form to expanded form. 

For example, Eason's number 359 can be expanded to 300 + 50 + 9. 

Look at all those expanding faces!

Well, good bye till next time from our birthday girl, Riana!