Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We are astronomers!

Hi everyone! 

Our current unit is on the central idea: 

Our solar system is made up of many planets with only one that has living things.

With heavy weight in the middle, we observed what happened when marbles were released into the simulator. 

We realized that the solar system works like the gravity simulator. 

The sun has a lot of gravity because it's the biggest and heaviest object in the solar system, causing the planets to orbit around it. 

We came up with so many questions relating to space.

After sorting our questions, we decided on starting off by learning about stars.

We've been keeping track of the questions we've answered by putting circles around them. 

Our science expert Ms. Lee helped us understand how energy works. 

Energy is what helps stars keep shining!

Safety glasses on! Ready to go!

In this experiment, batteries were attached to the sticks we were holding. 

When they touch the tiny fibers of the steel wool, energy was released! 

The steel wool burned. The sun also gives off heat energy

We also created some artwork of planets and stars in space.

The first step was to splatter white paint mixed with glitter to show the stars shining far far away. 

Once the stars had dried,  we used pastels to draw the planets.

We tried to making our drawings scientific by looking at pictures and images on the internet and in nonfiction books in the class.

Once we finished drawing our planets, we cut them out and glued them onto the black paper.

Check out these masterpieces!

Right now, the artwork is displayed on the bulletin board on the first floor.

Please come by to take a look!

See you later alligator!


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