Sunday, January 11, 2015

Inquiry about Measurment

A belated Happy New Year from the grade two class! 

In math, we started the week working in pairs to make connections between different objects we took out from a mystery bag. 

We used the clues in the bag to figure out what we were going to be learning about. 

And we figured it out! It was...


In groups, we used a visible thinking strategy called "think-puzzle-explore". 

First, we thought about what we THINK we already know about measurement. 

Then, we wrote what PUZZLES us, or what we wonder about. 

Afterwards, we EXPLORED different ways we could 
find answers to the questions we had posed. 

These three steps helped guide our inquiry. 

Many of us asked the following two questions:

-What are some things you can measure?

-What can you use to measure?

The next day, we explored different things we could use to measure objects in the classroom. 

You can measure using cubes...

glue sticks...

circle cushions...

We then realized we could measure people too!

We learned that different things you can use for measuring are called "units". 

When we tried to compare our information, 
it was confusing because everyone was using different units for measuring. 

That's when we realized that using "standard units" like centimetres
help us compare measurements. 

The next day, we used tape measures to measure our body parts using "cm". 

We used our social skills to work in small groups . 

We need to make sure the tape measure is straight so we get the correct measurement! 

As we measured each other, we recorded out findings on paper. 

That's was mathematicians do too!

Ciao for now!