Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Jingle Bell Rock

In connection to the unit on How we Organise Ourselves, during music class we inquired into how music is organised by people producing sounds that work together using a variety of instruments.  

Watch us spread some holiday cheer with an awesome performance of Jingle Bell Rock!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Miracle of M. C. Escher

Currently, we are looking into the concept of 'perspective' in our unit on How we Organise Ourselves

In order to further develop our understanding of this rather complex concept, we went on a field trip to the following exhibit in Osaka: The Miracle of M. C. Escher. 

The exhibition took place on the 16th floor of the Abeno Harukas Building in Tennoji. 

Here, we are enjoying a quick snack before entering the museum. 

Escher is well known for creating architecture from different perspectives which would be impossible in reality, such as the artwork below. 

Image result for escher architecture

He is also famous for his work with tessellations - the tiling of a flat plane with geometric shapes with no gaps or overlaps. 

Below is an example of his work involving tessellations. 

As artists, we observed the artwork carefully and sketched what we saw into our sketchbooks. 

We will be applying our learning from our field trip when we create our own tessellations later on!

Towards the end of the exhibition, we got the chance to record an interesting video in a special booth. 

In this video, our movements were superimposed with one of Escher's drawings. 

Thanks for reading!