Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Second Week of School

Last week we kick started our first unit of inquiry with the central idea, "our senses help us to learn about and interpret the world around us."

We took a walk around the school and realized that we learn a lot about our surroundings using our five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. 

In the classroom, we thought about the different body parts we use to learn about objects. Then, we brainstormed what we already knew about each sense. 

It looks like we already knew lots about our senses!

In language, we learned how to pick good-fit books using the "I PICK" strategy. 

When we use I PICK, we think about the purpose of reading a book and our own interests. Then, we make sure we understand what's happening in the book, and if we know all the words. 

We also had our first Writer's Workshop, which is a time where we work on our writing skills. 

Our first writing trait is "ideas", so we each brought in a piece of treasure from home. 

We wrote about our treasures and why they are special to us, and afterwards shared what we wrote with our classmates in the author's chair. 

Look at those proud faces!

In art, each table group created flags for their teams. 

We used our social skills and communication skills to make sure everyone was participating and working together. 

We also learned about being bucket fillers. Bucket fillers are people who do nice things to other people. When we fill other people's buckets, we end up filling our own too! 

You can find out more about being a bucket filler from reading this book. 

In our class, we give our pompoms to people who were kind to us. 

The jars in the pictures below represent buckets. 

As you can see, our class is full of bucket fillers!

Well, bye for now! 

See you next time :)


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