Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Five Senses: End of Unit Celebration

In our Unit of Inquiry, we have been exploring our five senses. 

On Wednesday, we had our parents come in so that we could trick them at different stations!

 They had to use their senses to solve mysteries!

This booth was all about "taste"! 

We had the parents taste different food with their eyes closed, so that they could guess what they were eating. 

Some food was salty like popcorn, others were sweet like marshmallows, or sour like lemon water. 

At this station, our parents tried to figure out what they were smelling.

"Hmmm...what might that be?"

We also had a booth about "touch"!

 Parents put their hands inside mystery boxes. 

They used their hands to feel and figure out what they were touching!

Can you guess what this station was?

...It was the hearing booth! 

We made different sounds using our bodies and instruments, and our parents guessed what sounds they were hearing!

The last booth was about sight. 

Parents had to use their eyes to find different objects that were mixed in with shredded paper. 

You can also see a video of the event, including us singing songs about the five senses!

Just follow the link below!


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