Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Unit and Fact Family Kites

Last week we started our new unit of inquiry with the central idea: 

The place we live in the universe changes over time. 

We explored the concept of "change" by looking at some old pictures of the school. 

We used our research skills to notice details in the pictures and take notes. 

We also looked at pictures showing the development of Rokko Island. 

We realized that some changes take place over a long process, just like the way Rokko Island was built. 

In math, we learned about fact families. 

This helped us understand the relationships between addition and subtraction better. 

To show our understanding, we made "fact family kites". 

Each kite represented a fact family, and had two addition sentences and 

two subtraction sentences which all related to each other. 

Wow! Look at those cool designs!

Afterwards, we walked over to the field to fly our kites!

We played some games with our kites too!

What a great afternoon!


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