Thursday, November 12, 2015

Designing our Learning Space

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about learning!

This week, we decided to work together to design our learning space!

We started off discussing how the furniture in our classroom should be laid out. 

We thought about how the classroom layout would affect our learning. 

In the picture above, Pierre is drawing a classroom map to share his idea. 

We used our social skills and communication skills to make decisions together. 

Here, Skye and Minori are discussing that if we have extra desks and chairs, 

we could move to a different spot if we get distracted by our classmates so that we can stay in the green zone. 

Together, we made an exciting decision that we will no longer have set seats! 

From now on, we will each choose a spot where we think we can learn in a safe and focused way! 

This means that some of us will work on the floor or couch, while others will choose to sit or stand. 

Once we made our plan, we all got to work!

We cooperated to give our classroom a makeover!

If you are around, come and check out our new and improved classroom learning space!

Thanks for reading!


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