Saturday, January 30, 2016

Learning about Culture

Our third unit of the year has the following central idea: 
Our culture and our origin are expressed in different ways.

Over the past few weeks, we have been using our research skills to find out about different cultures. 

As a first step, we went to the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka as investigators!

It was exciting to find out that depending on the culture, people live in different homes...

wear different clothes...

have different beliefs...

make different kinds of art...

and also use different things to live. 

At school, we continued our research using computers. 

 With the help of a graphic organizer, we searched for important information to record so that we could share our findings with our classmates. 

We also looked at pictures of children from different cultures. 

We used a visible thinking routine called see, think, wonder to help us sharpen our observation skills, connect to what we already know, and pose wonders. 

We also learned that celebrations are important parts of cultures! 

After watching a video about Chinese New Year, 
we decided to create large dragons with the grade one learners! 

Here, we are using our social skills to work together so that we can plan out the pattern for the scales. 

Who knows? You may be seeing the dragons at school sometime...!

Have a great weekend!


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