Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Accountable Talk / Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset

In Grade 4, we have been improving our communication skills by having discussions using "accountable talk" sentence starters. 

These sentence starters help us actively share and respond to other people's ideas to build our understandings about various topics. When we are accountable for what we say, we support and defend our claims with evidence.  

In the video below, we read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and came up with our own discussion questions.

When we use accountable take to discuss books, we are improving our oral language skills as well as our reading comprehension skills by connecting,  predicting, inferring and visualising!

Below, we are discussing the differences between having a growth mindset and fixed mindset.

Take a look at the video and the poster below to find out more about these concepts!

On another note, today we had a celebration party since we reached our goal of reading 100 books as a class! Each one of these chains represents a book that was read by a student. 

Our next goal is to read 250 books by the end of the school year. 

If you are interested in participating and starting your own chain, please come by to speak to Miss d'Amours! 


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